Dive Flag Plus Professional Grade Dive Flag Solution
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"The dive flag plus is by far the best compact dive flag for transporting & setting up just add a weight drop it down go dive when your done just grab the handle roll it up stow the flag and its that easy we replaced all of our rental flags with these and the customers like it I definitely would recommend this dive flag over the others great job dive flag plus Richard The Scuba Dudes dive shop"
"I am part of a rescue dive team and we have used this unit several times and it works perfectly. It is easy to use and compact enough to keep anywhere in the boat and not be in the way."
"WOW! Received my Dive Flag Plus and headed out diving with some buddies last weekend. We had always used a blowup type buoy/flag and had all the associated problems of blowing up, punctures etc. This Dive Flag Plus is really absolutely tremendous. A really unique idea and none of the problems that the blowup ones have. Ultra convenient, easy to store or carry, easy to setup and takedown. It has all the qualities any diver would want. Just attach a weight to the line, swim it out, and drop it down. Marty has really come up with a great idea, backed up by great customer service, I very highly recommend it and will be buying from him again in the future."
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  • Self Contained 2.2 pounds. Built-in 100’ spool of nylon rope & swivel hook, Velcro fasteners and handle.
  • Unsinkable Proprietary engineered foam core does not chip, disintegrate or sink.
  • Complete solution No more lost flags. No more tangled rope. No more inflating & deflating.
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Dive Flag Plus

Designed to replace the old method of inflating balloons, finding a rope, and locating a dive flag, the Dive Flag Plus is a portable, ready to use all-in-one complete packaged diver-down flag & buoy system.

Made from a proprietary engineered foam material, weighing only 2.2 lbs, the Dive Flag Plus is designed for SCUBA, Snorkeling, or Free Diving.

It's simple to use and includes a carry handle for easy transporting between dive sites.

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Assembly Instructions

  • Remove flag +

    Remove flag from straps and unfold.
  • Insert flag +

    Insert flag post into post hole as shown.
  • Flip spool handle +

    Flip spool actuator handle over to unlock spool.
  • Rotate spool +

    Rotate spool actuator arm counter-clockwise to unwind rope, clockwise to rewind.
  • Wrap rope +

    Wrap rope with hook around any type of weight (weight bag shown), unwind rope to desired depth then flip handle over and lock in place.
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